Telehealth gaining significance Social distancing and global lockdown accelerated the acceptance rates of telehealth especially in regions where virtual care was previously slowed down by concerns for data protection Artificial Intelligence speeding up development processes AI can analyze large amounts of data in record time thus improving diagnostics targeted drug discovery and medical device development Healthcare is becoming a consumer topic Rising use of consumer centric healthcare solutions like wearables and apps will lead to increasing cross sector transactions tech corporations entering the space and Life Sciences companies acquiring digital solutions Continuing consolidation of providers A trend already visible over the past years was amplified by hospitals and clinics depending on government support due to restrictions of elective surgery Reconsidering supply chains Due to export restrictions and port closures companies and countries suffered from supply chain difficulties during the COVID 19 pandemic which will require businesses to re evaluate their suppliers and supply chains After COVID 19 a new normal While the long term effects still have to be evaluated there are positive developments that should be maintained like the unprecedented level of collaborations between competitive companies and governments supporting speedy development processes Major trends and market driver 1 2 3 4 5 6 10

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