Puracon B2B services to the medical device industry In the medical device industry outsourcing of manufacturing and of services is a growing trend While market shares are being consolidated by a shrinking number of global players medical device companies focus their efforts on defending and gaining market access while complex elements of the value chain and assisting services are being outsourced to specialized companies This strategy helps to mitigate regulatory and operational risks and at the same time benefit from operational efficiencies and lower costs Puracon is a perfect example of how a specialised player emerges as a highly regarded quality player in offering B2B services to the medical device industry Puracon is a specialised packaging company of medical devices which is a complex regulatory and logistical exercise Packaging is part of the regulatory approval process Taking the wrong approach may extend the process or even risk it entirely Logistically packaging is complex since many medical devises are part of large product portfolio with low turn over numbers per product Puracon has successfully specialized in offering tailored packaging solutions as an outsourced service by helping to design and validate the appropriate packaging solutions for medical products The success of this strategy can be seen in its high growth rates in sales customers and profits and a prospering outlook for the years to come Creator of the success is a highly dedicated and capable management team under the leadership of Puracon s CEO Ruth Gessner and a resourceful investor SHS who provided capital network and strategic guidance These are the ingredients of a success story which drew the attention of a number of strategic investors who saw Puracon as an attractive building block for the extension of a complementary service offering Carlsquare s role was to maintain and accelerate the competitive momentum among strategic bidders and to assist in running an intensive and short process Through the highly efficient and structured collaboration between Puracon s management team the SHS team and Carlsquare the deal was closed only 5 months after starting the project Carlsquare s expertise in understanding market dynamics and in formulating a compelling equity story in this highly specialized industry was an important contribution to the transaction Building a powerful platform is the driving investment rationale for Klingel Group and its investor IK Investment Partners With 600 employees Klingel Group is one of the leading companies in the field of precision machining of high strength materials such as stainless steel and titanium for the production of medical technology products made of metal The purchase of Puracon allows Klingel to benefit from valuable synergies as contract developer manufacturer and packer and offer its worldwide medical technology customers a complete range of services based on the one stop shop principle 16

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