Angiokard Leading manufacturer of customised medical procedure trays Changing demographics an ageing population and with it a significant increase in cardiovascular diseases has led to a growing demand in catheter laboratories and equipment Angiokard is the leading provider of highly customized procedure trays for cardiology and angiography Due to well established supplier relations Angiokard was able to continue manufacturing trays throughout 2020 while competitors suffered from supply chain difficulties With more than 30 years experience in the field Angiokard has managed to establish itself as a leading player in an attractive niche market Headquartered in Friedeburg the company has built up a highly professional direct sales force and long standing loyal customer relationships with cath labs and hospitals The shareholders of Angiokard DMB mandated Carlsquare to advise them on the sale of 100 of their shares DMB is a Hamburg based investment firm with an investment focus on profitable Mittelstand companies in Germany Switzerland and Austria DMB initiates structures and funds majority equity investments in private companies with an enterprise value of up to EUR 50 million The investment team combines profound investment expertise with experience in a broad array of industries Peter Welge Managing Director of DMB Deutsche Mittelstand Beteiligungen GmbH commented We are proud to have sustainably developed Angiokard together with the management into a champion in the manufacturing of sets for angiography and cardiology over the past ten years With the sale to Lohmann Rauscher we have found an excellent new home and a strong strategic partner for Angiokard Thanks to the flexible long term investment approach DMB was once again able to realise an investment with a very positive development of the company and value By acquiring Angiokard Lohmann Rauscher is expanding its expertise and product range in the field of customised medical procedure trays and is thus strengthening its market position in the international hospital sector Lohmann Rauscher L R is a manufacturer of medical devices and hygiene products The L R product range contains more than 16 000 products from the areas of medicine nursing and hygiene In addition to hospitals doctors nurses and pharmacies L R s customers also include medical supplies retailers wholesalers and industry and retail businesses for consumer products This acquisition is another important milestone on our successful path as a strong player in the hospital market and a reliable solution provider for our customers Angiokard s high quality products are an optimal addition to our existing portfolio in the area of customised medical procedure trays under the Kitpack brand Together with Angiokard s extensive expertise in production logistics and distribution we have the ideal basis for further dynamic growth in our core business area of set systems hygiene said Wolfgang Süßle President CEO CCO and Chairman of the Management Board of the L R Group 23

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